martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

Fifi Lapin!

Fifi Lapin is this great bunny, who's in the fashion industry and has her own online shop!
Whats is most amazing about this bunny is not only that she wears clothes of the best designers (and she even look better than some of the models. Haha), but she has a new LeSportSac bag collection.

She also has a blog (Fifi Lapin What shall I wear today?) where you can find a lot of images and pictures about the latest Fifi's trends and fashion in general!
She calls herself "The most stylish bunny around". Sure she is!
Her boy is Sonny Hare, her best friend Ruby Gatta, who has her own blog, too ( and her puppy Stella. You can find all of them on her blog which I highly recomend.

Here I post some of my favourite images that you can find in her blog, but why don't you go yourself and check it out?

Love, Lilly
Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac


All the images are from Fifi Lapin's blog.

2 comentarios:

  1. ahh i love fifi lapin!!

    yes, they are my new shoes!! glad you like them haha, don't worry, i know you're not a creeper :)

    btw i adore your current blog header, great pic.

  2. heheh
    I love fifi!
    thanks for the headsup on the lesportsac collection!