domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Photographer of the Month!

As Milly said in her post about Alice in Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz (Feb 2009), this woman is definetly a genious when is comes to fairytale photoshoots.
I started searching her Disney photographs, and I found amazing pictures from all time stories like Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, among others!

I wanted to see more and more, because you can almost feel everything is real.
The models and landscapes and clothes and make up and everything is gorgeous!

I could post all the photos of that photoshoot, but it'd take a lot of time!
Meanwhile enjoy my favourites! :]
Wizard of Oz

Little Mermaid
Peter PanCinderella

Love, Lilly :]

(I do not own any of the pictures above. Source: Google Images)

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  1. Wow all of these are stunning. The Cinderella one is particularly breathtaking. Cinderella was a childhood favorite of mine.