miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Photographer of the month: Dane Shitagi

Hi! Yes, I know, again, I've forgotten about the blog, but let me tell you that while everyone's on vacation, Milly and I got to study. Why? Well, just because our school is different, and our long vacations are on December.

I started dancing ballet just a while ago, and I'm extremely happy. I can't wait 'til is ballet's class day!

So I was searching ballet stuff on Google and after looking a lot of things, I finally saw this amazing website http://www.daneshitagi.com/index.html
It was from Dane Shitagi, who is photographer originally from Honolulu, and I think every picture is very inspiring. This project is called New York Ballerina Project.
You can see the contrast of the grace and poise of the ballerinas, and a city full of lights and traffic, etc.
That's why he's our photographer of the month!

Take a look yourself.

I do not own any of the pictures above. Source: http://www.daneshitagi.com/index.html

-Love, Lilly! <3>

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  1. those are really cool photos, i love the theme