lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Book of the month: Into The Wild

Yes, Milly will see this and laugh!
I am kind of obssessed With Chris McCandless' story. He was 22 years old when, after graduating, gave all his money to charity and went "into the wild" looking for the real meaning of life, happiness and truth.
He died 2 years after traveling all USA's west, in Alaska.
The people who knew him say that he was amazing, and also say that he was very smart.
Some other people just say that he was naive, and he didn't know anything about nature, and that he's just one of thousands of travelers that go all over USA.

Personally, I admire him, and he inspires me, because he gave up to everything he had, and started changing the life of everyone he knew, and his.

I haven't seen the movie, yet, I'm waiting until I finish the book.
If you haven't either, read the book first, because there're more stories about men like him, who decided to have a wild life. This is a book by Jon Krakauer and I highly recomend it!
If you have any comments or suggestions etc, please feel free to post it!

Into the Wild's Movie Poster

Chris McCandless
Emile Hirsch as Chris McCandles in the movie
Love, Lilly

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